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« Peintres en Vallée de Chevreuse »

June 2018​

“Pascal Laurent is a multiple artist using the most varied techniques, juggling between the supports of expression: acrylic, pastel, gouache and colour is omnipresent in his works. His subjects come from the present day as he feels, and he expresses it by saying “the subject is not the painting; the subject is the pretext and not the end”.
“Many participations in collective exhibitions from 1991 to 2016 and several personal exhibitions between 1997 and 2016”.
“Pascal is a very good draftsman. He also likes bright and pure colours. There is expressionism in his compositions but also fauvist tendency in his approach”.

 Galerie « Atelier de Grégoire » Puteaux (92)

May 2016

Pascal Laurent is a multiple artist. He knows how to create special atmospheres with the most varied techniques.
At first glance, Pascal reveals himself as an impressionist; by small touches of multicolored paint, he takes us to his misty moors.
But he can also integrate cardboard elements to give an original relief to his works.
When he draws in pastel his work becomes more figurative.
Finally, he is a very atypical portrait painter.
We think of various influences, but no … it’s Pascal Laurent.

Laurent-Pascal-artiste-peintre-2015 Ile de Ré Plage de la Grange
Laurent-Pascal-artiste-peintre-2013 Batz vu des marais collages

Sur le blog : MAIN TENANT «Portrait Pascal Laurent»

Decembre 2013

He exhibited in Chilly-Mazarin, in the premises of the MJC-Social Center, foyer and corridor, rue Pierre Mendès-France, and in the premises of Tissage et Tradition, rue Verte. Pascal Laurent puts colors on canvases. What seems above all a variation on techniques takes a particular turn when it comes to portraits, self-portraits. Here, I think of the work of Denis Donikian, and his accumulations of soldiers’ figurines, and of Jean-François Donati, and his crushed soda cans, it looks like the earth. There, the collages, the effects of blue, of bright colors, a way of always reinterpreting one’s own face, of seeking there either to hide, or to show, because the painting of Pascal Laurent sometimes reveals, sometimes conceals. It concerns us.


Un mois une Expo, Mairie d’Orsay (Essonne)

October 2010

“We welcome for this month of October the painter PASCAL LAURENT.

Between canvas and paper, acrylic, pastel or gouache, this artist multiplies the techniques as much as the subjects and styles.

Colour is ubiquitous in his works. It combines with the material by placing pieces of cardboard underlining the forms of its composition.

His inspiration? He takes it from everyday life, the humble, the banal he likes to transform under his palette of colours.

Between Titian and Poussin, Delacroix and David, the history of art recognizes two facets of the painter: the colourist and the designer. Pascal Laurent is part of the first filiation, he is a painter of colour, a colourist. Self-taught and pupil of Henriette Adriensence for a dozen years, he then animates a workshop for five years. His favourite themes are enveloped by his palette where mixtures and contrasts of colours meet each other. They give to his creation that alchemy that creates the work. Drawing inspiration from the scenes that surround him, he directs his approach towards a continuous and passionate search for this originality. The subject is then only a pretext and not the purpose of the canvas. In his eyes, the last painting is always the penultimate, an inscription in an unfinished experience. “

This exhibition reviewees the evolution of the artist’s approach. Pascal Laurent has chosen to highlight his portraits, landscapes and topics of free improvisation. By this juxtaposition of a work resulting from an investment of several years, we can follow the way in which the artist builds his paintings. Colour is the first facet giving the tone. Then, the artist chooses the lines, which sometimes criss-cross the canvas in sub-paintings, trying to cumulate several in one. The materials then appear in corrugated cardboard and impasto. Kandinsky and the German Expressionists including Schmidt-Rottluff are among the great masters who inspire the artist. He loves the bright, pure colours of their creations. The capture of the moment with raw brush strokes. The simplicity of the staging.

“Painting is first and foremost the colour and the white of the canvas, then it is an idea or a subject, it can be an idea arising from the colour on the white of the canvas or a subject that becomes an excuse to the colour on the canvas.

There are topics that inspire … others that motivate … who encourage … “»


Cultural Office of Orsay Town Hall

Laurent-Pascal-artiste-peintre-2000 V Maison de la Falaise